• Susan Schwarting, CMI/RMT

30 Days of Self Care

Updated: Mar 12

Since February is the month of love why not treat yourself to some lovin'? Most of our "tasks" won't take more than 10 minutes and have no cost. If you find a self care tip that really resonates with you make it a part of your regular self care!

Day 1 - Take the time today to commit to spending time each day on your self-care over the next 30 days. Schedule the time in now; post a reminder and make it a date!

Day 2 - Using the letters of your name write a positive word describing you starting with that letter(ex: S - smart, U- understanding, S- savvy, A - amazing, N- neighborly).

Day 3 - Take a mindful breathe - 5 times throughout your day. Stop what you're doing and breathe in feeling your belly expand, breathe out and feel your belly deflate(make the out breath longer than the in breath). Focus on just your breathe and then go back to what you were doing.

Day 4 - Take the time to savor that first bite or sip of what you eat or drink today. Engage your senses: notice the colors, smell the aroma, feel the texture/temperature and take the time to fully taste!

Day 5 - Get your groove on! Put on your favorite music and sing or dance(or both) along.

Day 6 - Got a block? Take a mindful walk around it. Start out simply noticing what you see(no judgments, i.e. no adjectives), turn the corner and focus on the sounds you hear, around the next corner pay attention to what you feel and in the final stretch what smells do you notice? Remember not to judge simply notice.

Day 7 - Be kind to yourself all day. Cut yourself some slack and silence that self critic no matter what arises throughout your day.

Day 8 - Take time to be grateful. Pick one thing you're grateful for and write it down. Include why you feel grateful and how this makes you feel. Really explore this feeling of gratitude.

Day 9 - Nourish your body with healthy foods today. Be mindful of what fuel you are putting into your beautiful you.

Day 10 - Feel awed. Remember that block you walked around? This time use those senses and feel awed. Marvel at what you see, hear, feel and smell. What a gif

Day 11 - Evaluate: How did the first 10 days go? Did you miss any days? If you did, take today to catch up. If you completed the first 10 days use today to revisit one of your favorites. Day 12 - Affirmation: With every breathe I take I am becoming more and more _________. Fill in the blank. Some examples - patient, healthy, kind, positive. Choose something that resonates with you and repeat throughout your day. Day 13 - Call a friend just to check in. Maybe make a date to get together. Day 14 - Give your eyes a rest. Take 10 minutes to sit back with a warm cloth, a damp teabag or cucumber slices on your eyes. Day 15 -Hugs lasting at least 20 seconds release those feel good hormones. So give yourself and someone you love a feel good boost. (hug yourself while you're at it!) Day 16 - Pamper your hands. Soak them in some warm water (add essential oils if you like). Pat dry and then massage in some lotion or massage oil(coconut and olive oil are great for the skin). Here's the one caveat - use your senses and focus on the experience. If your mind wanders gently bring it back to savoring the experience. Day 17 - S-t-r-e-t-c-h. If you're a yoga enthusiast put yourself through a few of your favorite moves. If not simply reach for the sky, hold, sway left, hold, sway right, hold and finally fall forward and hold. Slowly roll back up to a standing position. Day 18 - Take a social media sabbatical today. (obviously after you read this) If you can't handle an entire day try limiting your visits. Day 19 - Make a sugar scrub using brown sugar(whites ok if you don't have any brown) mix with some oil to make a spreadable paste (olive oils works great) and add essential oils if you have some. Then scrub away during your shower or bath. Day 20 - Here's a simple meditation: sit comfortably, close your eyes and take 2-3 mindful breathes. Visualize sitting on a hill watching a train passing by below. While you're sitting place any thoughts on one of the passing train cars and watch it pass by. If your mind wanders or gets stuck on a thought (and it probably will) simply return to watching the train and letting your thoughts pass. Let go of those worries and ruminations, self criticisms and to do list.

You've almost made it. Congratulate yourself and enjoy the final 10 days.

Day 21 - Time to evaluate: How did the last 10 days go for you? Use this day to catch up or revisit any of your favorites. Day 22 - Take 10 minutes today to make a list of your accomplishments. Go back as far as you like. Include anything big or small. Some examples: graduated, started a business, got your first job, overcame an obstacle, learned a new skill....

Day 23 - Yesterday we looked to our past accomplishments. How about today? Before heading for bed chart your day. Write down everything you did - starting with getting out of bed! Whew! Time for dreamland.

Day 24 - We've looked at past and present, now let's look to the future. Today take 10 minutes to write down anything you would like to accomplish in the future. Travel? Learn a foreign language? Cook a souffle? Dare to dream! Day 25 - You know that list you made yesterday? Pick one and take one concrete step toward reaching your goal. It can be as simple as doing some online research or writing out a step by step plan.

Day 26 - Clear the Decks! It has been shown that clutter can have an effect on our mental state. So take 10 minutes to straighten up or purge items you really don't need or use anymore.

Day 27 - Create a bedtime ritual - this trains your body and mind that it's time for bed. Have a cup of tea/warm milk, do a meditation or say a nightly prayer, take a relaxing bath, listen to some quiet music...then repeat every night until you've established your ritual.

Day 28 - Do a body scan. Lay down in a comfortable position and starting at your toes notice any discomfort or tension, take a breathe in and on the out breathe release and relax. Continue in this fashion working your way up your body to the top of your head. Don't forget your jaw, cheeks, mouth, eyes, ears, forehead etc.

Day 29 - Choose happiness. Do 3 small acts that will lift you up: smile at those you pass by, sing in the shower/car, treat yourself to, well, a treat and savor it, stop and pet a dog or talk to a child. Day 30 - Commit: Just like on day 1 I asked you to commit to this 30 Days of Self Care make a commitment to keep the momentum going. Whether it's 5-10 minutes every day or once a week for an hour promise yourself to take time for yourself. You are important, you deserve it and remember you can not serve others from an empty vessel.


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