• Susan Schwarting, CMI/RMT

Children on Mindfulness(Part 1)

Why is teaching children mindfulness so important? Mindfulness and meditation are tools you can give your child(and yourself!) to be better able to meet life's challenges and to have control over their emotions. The younger a person learns these tools the more successful they are at handling difficult times as well as difficult emotions. Learning mindfulness will help your child with stress and lessen the release of the hormones that have a negative impact on their immune system. Research has shown that mindfulness can lessen and even eliminate ADHD, lengthens a child's attention span and makes it easier for them to deal with disruptions. It also has a positive impact on their success in school by increasing their cognitive and problem solving skills, grasping difficult concepts, increasing their creative abilities and even performing better in their extracurricular activities.

We offer mommy and me classes as well as individual and group classes. It's never to early(or to late) to start developing a mindful life!


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