• Susan Schwarting, CMI/RMT

Here Come the Holidays

I love the holidays! I read social media posts about how stressful they are to some and even how people dread the holidays. I know that over the years I've adjusted what I do to celebrate. I no longer send Christmas cards, I buy way fewer gifts, and my holiday baking depends on what I want to bake, not on what I feel I have to bake. I've kept the traditions that are the most meaningful - Christmas Eve Mass, focusing on family, and creating memories.

I have also learned that attitude and flexibility play an important part. So if you find yourself stressed out take a breathe and reevaluate. Take time for yourself - self care is so important at this time of year. AND here's a big one - have some self compassion! Stop beating yourself up and feeling guilty for not creating the "perfect holiday." Hallmark Christmases only happen on TV.

If your feelings go beyond the stress and frenzy of the holidays don't hesitate to reach out for support and guidance. Be well!


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