• Susan Schwarting, CMI/RMT

Say No to Social Distancing

Bet that got your attention! So before going any further let me clarify. Say yes to physical distancing. That's non-negotiable: No play dates, no gathering at friends homes - you only physically hang out with the people who live in your household. Since people can have the virus or have come in contact with someone who has the virus and not know it this is imperative.

As for social distancing we need to find ways to stay in touch with our family and friends to help us through this time of sheltering in place. Many people I am sure have been doing video chats and staying connected through their social media platforms. Maybe you've called a family member or friend who lives close and made a front porch date(with you standing on the edge of their yard!.). Find games you can play together virtually. Some neighborhoods have set a time to gather in their yards in the evening to have a sing-a-long or just make noise.(If your neighborhood hasn't done this be the organizer!). How about car caravans? Make signs and drive to police/fire stations, grocery stores and hospitals to let them know you are grateful to them for their bravery(feel free to honk horns and make noise - just NOT around the hospitals!).

For many religions the holidays are here. Plan a virtual dinner - clink glasses and make toasts - ask your virtual partners to pass the ketchup. If your church/synagogue offers virtual services agree with other family and friends to watch it together.

I'm sure there are others doing things I haven't mentioned. Feel free to e-mail us @ and we will gladly share your ideas!

Stay safe and be well!


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