• Susan Schwarting, CMI/RMT

What Style of Meditation is Right for You?

People have different reasons for making meditation a part of their life. Some people don't consider meditation because the knowledge they have is limited and they're not comfortable with the idea. So here's a short synopsis of the many choices there are!

Mindfulness meditation: Primarily this is a style of meditation that has no religious ties. When research started to show the many benefits of meditation people wanted to reap these benefits but did not want the religious aspects. This type of meditation focuses on breathe work, visualizations and positive affirmations. Though mindfulness plays a part in all meditation, secular meditation is focused on the health benefits and becoming your best self.

Eastern meditation: This is probably the type of meditation most people picture in their minds; sitting in lotus position, using a hand mudra and chanting ohm. Eastern meditation is tied to Buddhist and HIndu philosophies. Chanting a mantra is all about the vibration of the syllables not the meaning. Reaching enlightenment, the hidden depths of the self, or the god within is the hope.

Christian meditation: The object of Christian meditation is to focus on the revelation of God as revealed through Jesus. In Christian meditation you focus on the meaning of the words you are saying through prayer-meditation.

By no means is this an exhaustive or in depth list! At The Center for Serenity we offer Christian based as well as mindfulness meditation instruction.


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