• Susan Schwarting, CMI/RMT

Nourish & Savor(Part 2)

Why should you eat mindfully?

• It can lead to positive and lasting change, because eating mindfully is not about restrictive diet choices.

• Food becomes something to enjoy, rather than a temptation or regret.

• It slows down the pace of your meals, allowing your brain time to hear the “I’m full” signals from your stomach, which may help weight loss.

• It optimizes digestion. Some research has shown that when our attention is not focused on eating, our digestive process is 30-40% less effective than it should be.

• Mindfulness can increase your awareness of the source of your food, which encourages buying local and/or organic if you are able.

• Mindful eating with family fosters deeper connection. It also allows you to model healthy eating behaviors for your children. (No “clean plate” club!)


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